Vital Care For Your OC1

Why protect your canoe with a Hawaiian Canoe Canvas bag?
1-man outrigger canoes (OC1) are most commonly made from epoxy fiberglass or carbon fiber. Although these products are durable and long-lasting, they are also fragile. OC1 boats are painted with “gel coat” that will bubble if left in standing water for extended periods of time. UV radiation (sun exposure) dries out the epoxy or carbon fiber causing it to fade and become more brittle.
We recommend keeping you canoe covered in a UV protected bag or area, stored upside down in a dry environment.
A Hawaiian Canoe Canvas UV carrying/storage bag accomplishes almost all of theses recommendations; you will need to turn the boat upside down your self.
Each Hawaiian Canoe Canvas bag is 100% UV, water and mildew resistant, with balanced carrying handles, shoulder strap and removable ama sleeve. Our covers are custom made to fit your boat perfectly, guaranteed!